PMFW AW 17-18

A M E N I T Y   I N   P A R I S

P M F W  A U T U M N / W I N T E R  1 7  / 1 8

w r i t e r 
M A B E L   G A G O


Comfortable; a mandatory followed by designers during this last Paris Men's Fashion Week, AW1718.

Practicality, quality and identity. Most of the main ingredients used to welcome next AW.

Apart from the different styles between the brands, Paris is building a man who scales from the typical male trapped inside a bespoke suit.

This shows a respect regarding the need to align the wardrobe with the daily urban marathon our gentlemen face every day.

View from Hotel Max

Men's collections have achieve a maturity which is reaching the same level as women.

Men love to play beyond the bed. And they’ve found a pleasure in playing with combinations: a tuxedo with joggers and a luxury leather tote bag –yeah, that one which make us ladies so jealous-. Timeless fabrics are also flirting with new sporty patterns and technologies.

A great prove about that: the unstoppable growth of men's accessories.
One bag is not enough; watches are like lingerie for us; trainers are gaining more lovers than heels. Let’s assume it, ladies: we want our men to share those little pleasures with us.

And designers don't mind in inviting us to their collections.

Well, maybe the big emblematic maisons are restraining themselves in this merge. But, regarding the mandatory we mentioned at the beginning of this article, they have surrounded to men's new tastes and needs.

Diego Vanassibara AW 17/18

That’s the business. By adapting their creative heads, business will be safe from being stacked into a Jurassic market.

This has been our first time in Paris. Join us to breath, feel and see our experiences around collections.

We are AMENITY MAGAZINE. You better be ready to expect the unexpected.