A M E N I T Y   I N   P A R I S

L I U  C H A O

w r i t e r 
M A B E L   G A G O

Designer Liu Chao posing with his SS17 collection
 at Hotel Ritz

Still alive in my mind the last days in Paris an its Haûte Couture shows.

As mentioned on my previous article, the current path of Haûte Couture flows between different lines: the classic, the new trend and the emblematic maisons.

According to how I started this lasT Paris Haûte Couture SS17, it’s the way I decided to start with these fashion cronichles.

For every fashion editor, wake up in the morning in Paris, enjoying a luxury organic breakfast on a place full of art, paints and books, with nice views over a Parisian Street, makes you feel grateful. Specially on a Monday.

Our first stop brought us to an emblematic temple of luxury: The Ritz
Cameras, press, fashion hunters, … a micro cosmos concentrated around the Place Vendome.

One of the biggest saloons with nice views over a garden, was the location for our first presentation: designer Liu Chao.

I get shocked! I was in front a rare new exquisite “fashion thing”. The new future of Haûte Coutre. Images can explain what I felt.

My first view of Liu Chao's Haûte Coture SS17 
Collection at the Ritz

Around the collection there was Liu Chao, who inmediately accepts to show us his first Haûte Couture collection in Paris, as well as sharing with us his personal view.

Liu was born in a small village in China, and his childhood holded a big dream: going to Paris and learn evertything about Haûte Couture.
It was so nice to see his face when he told us that day when his mum gave him all she had so as Liu could make real his dream. And, in a small village in China, this means a significant extra effort. 

“Life in Paris was not easy”. Assured Liu with a smile. “I did a lot of Jobs: bartender, coffes, seller, retail, …”. And this helped him to graduated at Studio Berçot.

With his degree, Céline and Hermès opened their doors to this Young talented new designer.
With a special obssesion on embroidery, a hungry Liu Chao finished his training at Maison Lesage.

2016 he decided he was ready to launch LIU CHAO PARIS.

Liu is that kind of designer who knows every detail of all and each of his pieces. He exactly knows how many hours and hand have been needed so as to obtain an embroidery piece. Thousands of hours, I can swear to you.

Embroidered inspired in the sea 
floating around this creme midi dress

Although when talking about Haûte Couture, what inmediately comes to our minds is something more the kind of “Cinderella dancing with her Prince”, the designs of Liu Chao has nothing to do with that -which is great!!-.

You notice that it’s hature couture; a unique desing with an unavaluable quality. But, at the same time, the designs were something you can wear in your daily routine.

Yes, Haûte Couture wants to be available as much as posible for us. Every day shall be special. And every woman has the right to feel special at any time.

It’s amazing how a structured embroidered top and mini skirt breath a special youth, bringing thousands of possibilities to play with different looks -I know, one of my obsessions, this kind of play-.

Modernity and tradition. A new trend for Haûte Couture

Details of the embroidered back of a hooded bomber       

A bomber can contain a universe built in gold with the best expertise hands from the haûte couture industry in Paris.

Is amazing the respect and admirations shown by Liu Chao towards Paris and its history and tradition.

As I use to say, just enjoy the images and let us know if your wardrobe is hungry for some of these pieces.