PFHC_The magic Kingdom

A M E N I T Y   I N   P A R I S

T H E  M A G I C  K I N G D O M  O F  H A Û T E  C O U T U R E 

w r i t e r 
M A B E L   G A G O

Feeling like home at the Hotel Max

Paris has been my home during the last two weeks.

Yes, I’ve been lucky facing my work as a fashion style editor, specially when you also count with the wonderful service of a place like Hotel Max.
As you could see on our Social MediaAmenity Magazine has jumped from Men’s to Haûte Couture. And, yes, both are different and worth it.

When trying to talk about Haûte Couture, what it comes to me is “magic”. Paris and its Haûte Couture have something magic. I must admit it: I felt like a little child arriving at Disney for the first time. The impact is someting I won’t never forget.

Specially, for me, as I’ve grown up in the midst of the amazing haûte couture pieces done by my mum. So, yes, I can’t deny how intense and emotive has been this experience.

An iconic view during our walks

The Paris Haûte Couture could be compared as a magic tale. The experience has shaken our souls beyond the fascination of desings. And this hides the exquisite job done by a lot of parts, all of them sewing the best delicated embroidery.

Embroidery details of one dress by GUO PEI

The city, the places, the people, the architecture, the history, … all dacing together around this magnificent embroidery.

Damiani showcasing the luxuriest bra,
featured at the last Victoria’s Secret show

Mode à Paris’ organisation  has brilliantly lead all the characters to play their roles around this magic an unique tale.
Meeting Guo Pei 

The Ritz supportig PFW

If someone asked me about how I would resume the main visions around Haûte Couture, I would say, I distinguished three branches:
The back of the bridal by Julien Fournier

· The classic haûte couture showing beautiful princesses.

Elie Saab Haûte Couture Paris SS17

· The expectations around the emblematic maisons.
Liu Chao Haûte Couture SS17
The new haûte couture, pushing hard so as to place it pieces as something weareble in our daily wardrobe.I wold like to thank Mode à Paris, PR agencies, hotels, designers, for bringing us this chance.
This is our first tale about Paris Haûte Couture SS17.