A M E N I T Y   I N   P A R I S


w r i t e r 
M A B E L   G A G O

All Haûte Couture represents a thousand of hours behind each dessign and its accurated details.
That’s the real magic. A work which can talk and touches our souls.
The ancient timeless dream about feeling like a princess or a queen is something which survives beyond any fashion trend. That’s it.
One of the most wanted fairies for the Modern Cinderella -yes, that one who doesn’t wait for any invitation to dance- is Galia Lahav.

Designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever at the end of the show

Born and raised in the small Russian village of Ashdod, in a family of seamstresses, this wanted Haûte Couture Fairy has in her DNA a lot of passion towards the business.
More tan 30 years in learning from the best maisons, and experience, have built her talent and flamed her passion, even more.
When talking about introducing Galia Lahav’s creations, you can easily discover:
– A sublime marriage between art and fashion
– Luxury lives around a creative republic where eccentricity is allowed
– Details are treated as the babies of a family: with love, patiente and exquisiteness
And, to my mind, this special touch of fairy Gala achieving that every piece fits so perfect!! … Seems she could read our minds so as to create the dress of our dreams.
For her SS17 collection, Galia Lahav decided the script would be built around the Victorian era in England and Le Belle Epoque, in France. Nice story, isn´t?
But please, do not expect something too old for you, ladies. This Victorian inspiration breaths in this 2017.

And, sure, Victorian means a lot of additional work and details, such as collars, corsets, gowns, … everything built with the best materials.

A luxury inspiration, luxury complements, luxury raw material for a luxury team of seamstresses based in the studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Under the title “Victorian Affair”, Galia Lahav presented 35 looks: dresses, capes, pants, shorts, skirts, waist cinchers, over the knee heeled boots, … a collection made for the confident woman, proud of her feminity, her body, but who loves to bless her power under the veil of elegance and modern glam.

Black, dark red, pearl, white,… different patterns, fabrics, lenghts shouted during the catwalk, supporting the performance of Galia Lahav’s woman.

I admit it: siting in the front row at Le Grand Palais, I dreamt about wearing some of the desings. For me, when someone mades me dream, gains my fierce admiration.