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M A B E L   G A G O

NEWGEN means the future of London Fashion Industry. A project in which British Fashion Council firmly believes and support.

This SS18 we have the pleasure to meet Nicholas Daley. He is the kind of passionate hungry soul who loves to investigate and learn.

His collection “MADRAS” reveals a multicultural and multiratial explorer; a dept navigation through history so as to reveal to us the strong connection between culture, history, heritage and fabrics.

“MADRAS” is a journey to South Asia and its traditional textiles, jute and tartan, and how this play a relevant role in the British industry. And with Moon Hussain’s help, “Madras” owns a beautiful printed textiles.

Exquisite shorts and shirts, breathing the magic of the ancient tales as the “1001 night tales” in the middle of our architectonic oasis.

A brilliant mixture of colours and fabrics, with a smart pattern skills have develop a nice concept, intensified with the music of Nabihan Iqbalaka and Golu Signh Gaba, where the sound flew accompained with the flavour of the incense. Yes, it was a sensorial experience.

Nicholas Daley also breaths calm and possitiviness. A fresh way to face the next SS18.